Write for Us!

Here at Hilltumaini, we are looking for travelers, backpackers, and photographers who have stories to tell. People who have been to different parts of the world and have stories to tell to the world and write for us. The website is meant to share experiences from all over the globe and China especially. If you have a story you want to share you can share with us. We also allow for people with articles on photography and real life experiences especially for those who want to start over and do something   If you have an idea for articles on these areas or one or two areas mentioned above, you are welcomed to write for us.

 Guidelines for writing with us.

We only accept articles here in Hilltumaini that pass our thresholds set by the editors which are;

  • The article should communicate with the reader and answer some of the readers Frequently Asked Questions on Traveling, backpacking, photography, Turning Point and Starting over .
  • The minimum number of words for an article is 800 words. We will make exceptions for slightly shorter articles. We believe the longer and comprehensive the better.
  • We will be accepting original pieces of work only – if you have published an article somewhere else we will not publish it here.There would be exceptions for those who would like to re-work on their articles here. That will be treated differently altogether.

What I’m I supposed to write about as a guest post?

We will also accept articles on Camping, backpacking, and traveling guides. The Best of the articles would be on the guides and for the people who have experienced these in person and would love to share with the rest of the world through our website. We will also accept posts from people with insights and ways of dealing with day today problems especially dealing with the problems that would allow us to turn back on the foundation of the people and the ways of doing things thus turning point and so when it comes to starting over.

How often can I write?

We will be accepting articles on a bi-monthly time or at least on a monthly basis. However, for the very good writers, we will be accepting their articles according to their schedules.Point being for good article writers there would be no time frame for guest writing.

Can I post the article on my own site after its published here?

We, unfortunately, do not allow articles published on our site to be published somewhere else. You can publish a small part of the article on your site like a third or a quarter of the article with a totally new introduction and link back to the article on our website. We also encourage writers to do some publications on the social media to promote the article.

How do I pitch for my article?(Contact Us).

Get in touch with us about your idea for an article including a proposed title for the article that you would like to write for us and publish on Hilltumaini

Subject of the pitch: Writing for Hilltumaini.com