Tibetan Mastiff are a breed of dogs known to be one of the largest breeds of dogs. They have thick fluffy furs and strong jaws known to devour their enemy and so do they have a super large appetite.These primitive and ancient dog breed with low IQ are said to have developed years ago in Tibet, North of China. The area being originally a cattle keeping region, the Mastiff had primary role of guarding the livestock and property though being a quiet dog, it was later adopted as a family and companion dog.

Some Info about the Tibetan Mastiff.

One would not want to come face to face with a Tibetan Mastiff. These ancient dog species are one of the most fearful in terms of looks. A fully grown Tibetan Mastiff can stand 26 inches at the shoulder and weigh well over 100 pounds. These breeds are powerful, muscular, massive and substantial. They are fast and perceived to be light footed and with this agility they are a threat to any one who would think of an attack.

These Mastiff Tibetan need exercise especially when still puppies since they have a tendency of growing too fast if cooped up indoors all day. The Tibetan Mastiff size is large and therefore very suitable for large family houses. These Tibetan Mastiff dogs are well adapted to high altitude regions and so is in the countryside for hunting and such activities. They are known to be less active and never expect to have them play fetch, for this matter their heavy bone structure can be well kept to support the weight. For owners of Tibetan Mastiff puppies, one will be needed to keep them less active as they will need the energy to grow bones and put on weight.

Tibetan Mastiff

Taking Care of a Tibetan Mastiff

A Tibetan Mastiff need a lot of care in the following perspectives;

  1. A well designed and monitored high quality home made or manufactured dog food. The diet should be appropriate for the dog’s age. With the size of the Tibetan Mastiffs, they eat less as expected. The adults would need two to three cups of well prepared quality food per day. This is mainly because they will eat only when hungry. The males have a way of supporting the females who are on season by fasting for a week or so to lose weight.
  2. These beasts can also eat human food and it is up to the owner to recognize the human food which is safe for them.
  3. It is imperative to check with your vet if you have any concerns about your dog’s weight or diet.
  4. Provide the Mastiffs with clean, fresh water at all times. There will be no need for any kind of special diet or treatment for them.

How the Tibetan Mastiff are wrecking Havoc in China Northern Cities

The Tibetan Mastiff have been a symbol of power and wealth in Qinghai, China with a lot of people buying them for prestige purposes. The business was booming in few years back but with the supply being more than the demand, the dog keepers had to let go of the ferocious dog species.The Tibetan Mastiff price has been so high in the past few years and people had all their hopes in the breed.

In the beginning dog breeders had a good earning from the buyers who could set a price to up to 20000 dollars for a fully grown one but the prices dropped significantly over the years due to the buyers diminishing in numbers. The Mastiffs need a lot of care and the expensive quality food discouraged dog owners from purchasing the breed and so many people had to either throw away the dogs in the street or leave in the shelters which is also expensive to cater for them.

With the situation, many of the mastiffs found their way out in the streets. Without food and care they had to devour on people to survive. There has been cases of people being attacked by packs of the Tibetan Mastiffs in the recent months which include an 8 year old school child.

They are seen to walk in packs and attack the passers by with rage and this is raising concern to the authorities and people who seem to develop fear for the beasts on loose. Before the authorities take care of the mess there will be a long way to go.

tibetan mastiff