Have you ever waited to transit for a whole long day and don’t know what to do for the whole day? This happened to me when was in transit in Cairo Egypt. A whole day looks long, you can plan for a tour if the country allows for that. One of my friends proposed a one day tour of Cairo Egypt and that was one of the trips I will live to remember.

The tour was random and at first we had to ask for a cheap package that would allow for a great outing. Travelers on a budget are always keen with the spending and our case was not different either. Having being booked in a hotel near Cairo International Airport, we were at the helm of Cairo with the best of infrastructure throughout Egypt and so we could not have much of hustle trying to move along.

One of the agents gave us a cab guy to take us around the city of Cairo at a cost of 20 dollars each which was fair for the three of us. The 20 dollars would not include charges to the places of interest and therefore on reaching the places of interest one had to pay additional fares.

Where to go in Cairo Egypt for a Day

When Egypt is mentioned, Cairo it’s Capital is what rings in the mind. First because it is the capital and so is because of the fusion of ancient antiques, historical places to visit, the combination of modern and different historic buildings. The feeling of real life and also the stories from the bible and other religious books. We can’t count how many things you can do in a Day of Cairo day tour. There are places you should never miss to visit at any cost. These include; Egypt Tower, Egyptian Museum, the pyramids and Sphinx.

Starting from the airport to the government road the inner city ancient architecture gives Cairo a very outstanding touch and taste.

Cairo Egypt

A small downtown estate

On the other side of the village is one of the most prolific places to visit. This is the Muhammad Ali Mosque. The uniqueness of Muhammad Ali mosque is the fact that there is another mosque in Instabul Turkey that looks exactly like it.The Cairo Citadel is believed to have been constructed in early 12 Century. The large domes and minarets define Cairo’s skyline and can be seen from far, one of the domes has been given a defining blue colour and is built by the same model like Yeni Mosque in Instanbul Turkey. As if that is not enough, a visit to the citadel gives you an opportunity to have a panoramic view of the Cairo from the top.

Cairo Egypt

The Muhammad Ali Mosque

Down the road about 2km from the mosque is the Nile which is a must visit. Cruising the Nile on boats and having your favorite Shisha and either a belly dancer doing his thing or just having your best meal from the boat. This is the most refreshing thing ever.

Cairo Egypt

Sailing on the Blue Nile

The Nile will give you a sneak peak into the city of Cairo and the best part is the night lighting vision of the buildings that are adjacent to the river. Being the sole provider of water to the people of Cairo, it is usually regarded the best gift to the people of Egypt.

Cairo Egypt

The Blue Nile

A visit to the pyramids of Giza and sphinx in Cairo Egypt

Anyone with a one day visit of Cairo need to check out the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. These are really a wonder of the world and one of the greatest structures ever built by humans. I would like to mention all the world leaders in different fields who have visited these wonders but no need for that.

It is cheap too to visit the pyramids and for 30 dollars you will be able to have a one and a half ride on a camel or 40 dollars on a horse with a carriage. The Pyramids at Giza are spectacular and will just blow your mind.

Cairo Egypt

Camel Ride to the pyramids of Giza

A day visit of Cairo will only end after visiting the tower of Cairo which is advisable to visit in the afternoon when the sun is not so direct for purposes of photography. The tower of Cairo is in the middle of the city and therefore this will be great for seeing all the parts of the city.

Cairo Egypt

The Tower of Cairo

Cairo Egypt

The top of Cairo

The most interesting with the tower is the bar at the top giving one a view and food at the same time. The height is magnificent standing at about 600 feet.

For a day one would be able to enjoy Cairo Egypt therefore. If you happen to travel or have a day there, you can try the places.