stereotype definitionDiscussing stereotyping before first understanding the whole  stereotype definition which is basically an over-generalized idea about a group of people or race which is always believed to be the truth by people who have never been in contact with the said group of people. There is a difference between stereotype and cliche. Whereas a cliche is a statement that is widely known and is usually true and obvious like for example make hay while the sun shines, A stereotype might be well known but it is usually not true for example black people have heavy bones therefore cannot swim or the Asians are good in Mathematics and so forth. The whole subject revolving around stereotype has brought a lot of contradictions among different groups of people who see the other parties as the way they have been said and taken to be. With the globalization of stereotype, people would be a little relaxed in mingling with the other group fearing the truth or half truth of the stereotype about the other group.

Stereotype definition for different groups of people.

The Chinese people are the ones who usually have dozens of stereotype mostly because they have very less contact with the people or maybe because China was opened up to people of foreign nationalities like few decades ago and therefore less known to people. Some of the popular stereotypes against the Chinese and China in general include the following;

  • Chinese favorite dish is dog meat.

Many people all over the world have this crazy thinking that most of the Chinese love eating dogs this however is due to the Yulin dog festival in Southern China whereby every year hundreds of dogs are slaughtered for people to enjoy. During this 10 day festival in Yulin Guanxi Province of Southern China, close to 10000 dogs are slaughtered. Taking place in Summer one of the hottest times of the year, Chinese believe the meat will bring them good luck and rid them off diseases. Lychees and cat meat is also available during this time. This is a stereotype threat that has seen Chinese being labeled dog eaters all over the world. As much as a number of Chinese people eat dogs, not all of them do so and therefore it is a stereotype that Chinese eat dogs.

stereotype definition

Prepared dogs ready for feasting

  • All Chinese look the same.

For those people who still go with the idea that all Chinese look the same must be ignorant in some way. Chinese people are totally different in shape, size and any physical looks. There is a joke that the saying all men are the same comes from a Chinese lady who lost her boyfriend in a crowd in a busy Chinese city. That is a joke which is not so true. This might be due to the less interaction of the Chinese with the rest of the world though in this century more and more Chinese have traveled to the world and therefore more people have been able to understand the looks are not that same. However, most of the Asians have a more same body and facial features.

stereotype definition

  • All Chinese are good in KungFu

Owing to the Chinese KungFu films of the 80 s where the Chinese showed their prowess in these martial arts. However anybody thought that all Chinese are masters of this and therefore nobody would mess up with a Chinese. The Famous Bruce Lee paved a way for the stereotype though it seemed to have stuck till now. As much as there are few people who still have mastered the art of Kung Fu but not everybody is well articulated by the ancient art.

stereotype definition

  • Chinese girls are easy

China is more of a conservative country with culture being deep rooted to majority of people especially towards foreigners. The idea that Chinese girls are easy is not even something to think about. This was however brought to light by an American expat who filmed a short video bragging how he get laid a number of Chinese girls and was bragging the way Chinese girls are easy. The truth of the matter is that they follow the traditions and sexuality is still a taboo unless marriage comes into the picture. Read here for more of that.

  • Everything in China is cheap and of low quality

During the early years of industrialization in China, it was well known for cheap knock offs and low quality products. When they grew through years, innovation and quality production became part of cleaning the tarnished name and this brought about quality products. It is still easy to get the knock offs but they are not generally cheap as people would think. For the quality of the items, it is directly proportional to the price. Most cheaper goods are of low quality and not all the things are cheap. Some are even more expensive than in the United States or any other part of the world for instance Iphone is more expensive in China than the US.

  • All Chinese are short

Majority of the Chinese population is comprised of short people but not all are short. Southerners are a little short but not that short to label all of the population short. Those in Northern parts are much taller with an average of 170 cm and even more. It is not unusual to get more of the population especially men being more than 180 cm. This stereotype definition that Chinese are short is therefore not very true.

  • Chinese are nerds and good in mathematics

stereotype definitionJust because most of the Chinese kids are hardworking and much into books and studies, most people think that an average Chinese is good in Mathematics and is perceived as a nerd. As much as this might be true in some areas, it is not the case for all the population of the Chinese. Some are not good in the area and is just a stereotype so next time you see that Chinese kid in the block, don’t have that kind of notion. However, research has been done and the result show that on average an Asian is better in mathematics that any other person from the rest of the world but not to have a blanket notion that all are.





  • Chinese are not well mannered and lack class.

During the recent decade Chinese has seen a great growth in their economy which has seen to the growth of a number of rich people who can afford to travel and afford luxuries. They have been seen to leave trails and bad taste to the locals they seem to meet with on the way with their lack of basic mannerisms like waiting in queues and fighting for food. These same tourists are also seen to litter everywhere they go and being noisy is part of the norm to them. From touching and taking photos of penguins to climbing trees and Buddha idols. However, there are a lot of them who are kind of well mannered. We cannot have a stereotype of them being ill mannered therefore. Check out the reasons for the reason for this stereotype.

With all these stereotype definition of the Chinese, many people live to think that is what is actually happening with the Chinese and this is what is all about them though some of these are not true at all or not for the biggest part of the population.