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After studying and living in China for a period of four years, a lot had happened in my life that I could not imagine. A whole set of culture, lifestyle and probably set new of friends. I had to experience a lot of new stuff and meet new people.  Most people who go to study and live abroad have the same kind of experience too. Most of these experiences are however left unshared and undocumented therefore people who have the same experiences or would like to prepare for life abroad are left out and may not know what to prepare for as they set out to live away from home and this will mostly have them go through the difficulties or the culture shock that their predecessors went through.

With that in mind, I decided to start this website which will be a platform for all those that have lived, studied or travelled abroad away from their mother countries. This platform is set to share these experiences and be a channel to connect people together in an aim of learning from each other and getting to open the eyes of all the readers and contributors.

Hilltumaini is a word combination of two words, Hill which means a raised land and “Tumaini” which is a Swahili roughly translated to “Hope”. Why use the name “Hilltumaini” someone might ask? This whole word has a translation of Hope in the hills or hope from a raised place which I coined it to hope from a higher place than you. This higher place may be your higher purpose or a higher being depending on the kind of beliefs you have.  Many people living abroad at some point will have moments of sadness and this is mainly because of the loneliness and sometimes missing their family members and loved ones. What keeps them going is the hope for a better tomorrow, something higher than you. Something that will drive you to face the next day. Travelling and exploring the new land is a better way of putting this hope in you and therefore the coining of the name of this blog website.