Hilltumaini is a combination of two words hill and tumaini. Tumaini means hope in Swahili. The website will therefore bring together people who want to share their experiences in travelling, backpacking and give it’s readers the experiences from all over the world.

You may want to ask why tumaini or hope in English? The website is set to give hope for the readers who want to start something or have been through a lot and want to start over. The website will be bringing you real life experiences and stories from the people who have been in the same situations therefore giving you the real life solutions to your problems.

The website will also have a section about photography, we all know a picture is worth a thousand words and therefore we have photographs from all over the world about all sorts of stories and experiences to share with our readers and bring them together through the same. The photographs shared in our website will be real photographs taken by real people showing the beauty of the world.

For those who have been privileged to work, study or live abroad, will be bringing their stories of what they have been doing in their respective diaspora countries and so is the experiences and how they have been coping with the changes and new cultural shocks. We have numerous stories from all over the world and this will even allow the readers to get ready and have an advanced information pool about the country they would want to visit suppose one of our contributors has had a story about the country and have shared their stories about.

The website is a place to connect and learn about everything the world has to offer in terms of the unique culture, travelling information, beautiful and unique travel photographs, hope and encouragement for those who want to start over in their respective rendezvous and so forth. You can join our discussions and also can write for us as we connect different people with different cultural backgrounds and ways of thinking.